Knitido Essentials



Calf-length basic toe socks made of 82% cotton - the everyday classic

Knitido Essentials Cotton toe socks. Our reliable toe socks beginner's model for every day.

The pleasantly soft cotton and the matte colours blend discreetly into your everyday look. The socks are completely seamless in the toe area for a comfortable, non-irritating wearing comfort. The perfect fit provides secure support, a classic cuff closes the sock and holds it securely against the calf. The ideal starter model for every day.

Knitido Essentials cotton toe socks - Your advantages

  • non-irritating comfort: seamless finish on the toes, elaborate heel and precise fit
  • breathable: by separating the toes and ventilating the gaps
  • hygienic: retains humidity and favours a balanced foot climate
  • skin-friendly: soft eudermic cotton
  • and on-top all the Advantages of Knitido toe socks.

Weather suitability

These medium-thick cotton toe socks are suitable for any weather. On hot days you can wear them in combination with normal shoes. On very cold days we recommend to wear them with warm shoes or in combination with silk socks.


With a cotton content of 82%, Knitido Essentials cotton toe socks are particularly skin-friendly. In addition, nylon and elastane give them enough flexibility to adapt to the shape of your feet - that means an optimal fit. The nylon makes the sock robust and hard-wearing.